Building the Chapter House

In 1927, the active brotherhood began a campaign to raise the funds necessary in order to be able to build a proper chapter house. Under the direct lead of Brother William C. Wardlaw, Jr. (the Alpha at the time) and William A. Parker (President of OTA at the time), the Omega chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity began the process of acquiring funds from all Chi Phi Alumni residing in and around the Atlanta area.

After just two months the campaign was brought to a successful conclusion, having raised more than the funds necessary to construct the house. By June of 1928, construction was underway on what would later become the very same chapter house seen on our property today. By the start of the Fall semester in 1929, the Omega chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity was the proud owner of a brand new chapter house, and the dream of our beloved Tom Connally had finally become a reality.

The Chapter House Today

While much of the chapter house seen on our property today is the same as it was almost 80 years ago, the house itself has also expanded to allow for the expansion of our chapter as a whole. The house currently provides enough residence space for 28 of our active brothers as well as a full kitchen, living room and dining room. While the house doesn't offer a back "yard", it does offer a half basketball court, perfect for shooting hoops in the warmer months of school. Most importantly, starting in the upcoming semester (Spring 2017), the house will be undergoing a major renovation. A new extension will be built on to the back of the house, and the interior of the house will be restructured to allow for approximately 40-42 active brothers to reside. This being said, many features of the original house will continue to stand almost exactly as they did 80 years ago, including the original wooden spiral staircase and chandelier in our foyer, the original stone fireplace in our living room, and the "Zebra Lounge" (basement) which once served as a speakeasy during Prohibition. While the interior of the house will be entirely new come Fall 2017, the house will continue to maintain its National Historic Landmark status (see picture in carousel above for the plaque that is mounted to the wall directly outside of our front door).

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