Fall of 2002

In the Fall semester of 2002, the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity was kicked off of Georgia Tech's campus for allegations of both hazing and underage drinking. Since this removal from campus, as well as the social probation that went along with it, the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity has restructured its new member processes and dedicated itself to an anti-hazing approach. This zero-tolerance policy for hazing practices extends itself to both active Brothers as well as the Alumni of our great chapter. It is our desire that every new member of the Omega Chapter feels welcomed and accepted within the walls of our chapter house and the confines of our Brotherhood. We accept individuals for their individuality and seek not only to diversify our Brotherhood, but also to promote the traits and characteristics which made each of our brothers unique when they first walked through our doors.

Early Years


Building the House


Omega Reinstated