Early Years of the Omega Chapter

Creation of the Omega Chapter

On June 2nd, 1904, a charter for the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity was granted to eight young men looking to change the face of Greek life on Georgia Tech's campus. Little did they know that they would be forming what has now grown to be one of the largest and most involved fraternities on Georgia Tech's Campus. These eight young men were:

  • Lucius Gartrell Baird
  • Lindsley Diheman Beach
  • Jesse Howlett Draper
  • Meldrim Thompson
  • Luther Zeigler Rosser, Jr.
  • William Gilmer Dessau
  • Howard Elgin Parker
  • William Lucas Simons

Before the Chapter House

For the first six years of its existence, the Omega Chapter conducted its regular chapter meetings in a rented-out hall over in downtown Atlanta. In 1910, however, the Atlanta alumni took the initiative necessary to obatin a chapter house for the young fraternity on Georgia Tech's campus.

Thanks to the foresight of Thomas W. Connally, an accumulative fund was started shortly after the founding of the Omega Chapter in 1904, with the sole intent of being able to pay for the construction of a chapter house in the near future. From then on each brother of the Omega chapter, upon their graduation from Tech, entered into an agreement by which they would pay $10.00 a year, for ten years, into the house fund.


Building the House


Fall 2002

Omega Reinstated