Creation of the Omega Trust Association

On November 3, 1913, a charter incorporating the Omega Trust Association was granted by the Superior Court of Fulton County. The intended purpose of the Omega Trust Association (or "OTA", for short) was to act as the managing business corporation of the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity. It would handle all of the major expenses of the fraternity, as well as the upkeep of the property and the house. It also continues to serve as the major go-between for Alumni of the Omega Chatper and current undergraduate brothers, helping to continue building upon the bonds of brotherhood we cherish.

The first officers of the OTA were the following:

  • President: J.R. Baldwin
  • Vice-President: F.L. Shackleford
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas W. Connally

Brother Connally would continue to retain his office as Secretary-Treasurer until his death. During his tenure, his able handling of notes and his collection of sufficient funds accumulated until, in 1924, the OTA had collected enough money to purchase a desirable lot adjacent to the Georgia Tech campus. This lot, though later broken up and sold to other fraternities, originally encompassed the entirety of what is now known as Fowler Street NW.

The two pictures above represent various views of what Tech's campus would have looked like at the time of the Omega Chapter's creation. In the first picture, the aerial map, our house would have been located just above the intersection of "Third Street" (now "Bobby Dodd Way") and "Fowler Street". In the second picture, the Omega Chapter house would have been located off in the back right corner, behind the little yellow houses.

The Omega Trust Association Today

Today the Omega Trust Association is the organization responsible for the management of the overall house finances. It is because of OTA that the house continues to run as well as it does. This very basic fact is evidenced by the fact that the house continued to run even through the times of the Great Depression. While most of the rest of the country was failing to make it by, the brilliant arrangement for ownership of the house and management of its finances allowed for OTA to carry much of the burdern of the financing of the chapter, as well as the carrying of the loan on the house.

Early Years

Building the House


Fall 2002

Omega Reinstated