Important Contact Information

Have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding our Rush Process, membership fees, or New Member Education Process? Feel free to contact the respective member of our organization at their contact info below!

Rush Chairman

Greg McDonald



Judah Krug


New Member Educator

Joseph Fletcher Mount



Will Reich


Vice President

Jacob Weinman


Welcome Letter from our President

Congratulations on your son’s acceptance to Georgia Tech, and welcome to the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity! I recognize that, as parents, you might have questions and concerns as your son decides whether or not to join a Fraternity. As a Georgia Tech student, I understand the rigors of a difficult course load and the diligence and hard work it takes to succeed at a top-tier university. However, as a longtime fraternity member and now chapter President, I have seen how Fraternity life has promoted all of our members to excel academically and professionally. I assure you that there is no better way to start a successful career at Georgia Tech than to join a Fraternity.
Here at Chi Phi, we believe that we have an academic responsibility to ourselves, our families, and to our fraternity. We work hard each semester to create the best support network we can to challenge each other to succeed. From the first week, our New Members are provided with academic mentors inside the Fraternity: older and more experienced brothers with the same major and career goals who will help guide New Members during their first semester. These mentors are expected to meet with our New Members on a regular basis, to ensure that they are succeeding academically, and to provide assistance when required. In addition, all of our New Members are required to attend study hours each week in the study rooms that we provide in the Georgia Tech Library. We always strive to make academics a priority, especially to our New Members, and I am certain that Chi Phi will always be a benefit to any student’s education at Georgia Tech.
Chi Phi also provides our members with numerous opportunities for community service, leadership, and professional networking. When they are not in the classroom, you can find the members of our Chapter involved in all facets of Georgia Tech and doing our part to foster leadership and contribute to a better campus not only for ourselves, but for all students. Our current members are involved with many campus organizations such as the Student Government Association, FASET, Freshmen Servant Leadership Organization, Club Soccer, and many major-specific clubs. As members of Chi Phi, Brothers are exposed to a wide variety of networking through our current brothers and alumni. We have brothers employed at NASA, Microsoft, SpaceX, and Delta airlines just to name a few, and our alumni frequently work to provide internships and co-ops to our younger members. Being a member of Chi Phi provides students access to a wide network of professional connections that will prove invaluable in the later years of their college career.
Finally, at Chi Phi we provide a healthy balance of social life and academics. We make sure to offer our brothers opportunities to relax and have fun, by holding date nights, social mixers, formals, as well as camping and beach trips. While we make sure that our brothers are striving for greatness in their academic and professional career, we also promote living a mentally healthy and happy lifestyle outside of school.
On behalf of all our brothers at Georgia Tech, we thank you for your interest in the Omega Chapter of Chi Phi. As President, I thank you for taking your time to learn more about our Fraternity and welcome any of your questions. Feel free to contact me anytime through phone or email and I look forward to seeing everyone on campus this school year!


Will Reich
Phone: 6313834813