Omega Chapter Reinstated

In the Fall semester of 2004, the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity was granted permission, by the Georgia Institute of Technology, to reopen its doors and once again begin actively recruiting new members as well as to once again be considered a socially active orgnization on Tech's campus. In order to begin the process of rejoining the Tech community, five brothers were chosen to reinstate the Omega Chapter, with new rules and values meant to prevent the happenenings of 2002 from ever becoming an issue again.

The five brothers were chosen based not only on their personal merits and abilities, but also based upon their dedication to restoring the Omega Chapter into one which lived by the values of a true Chi Phi. The brothers chosen to reinstate the Omega Chapter were:

  • Dustin Bergman
  • Nicklaus Flieg
  • Andrew Marting
  • Christopher Prossick
  • Dustin Weeks

Thanks to the efforts of these five young men, the Omega Chapter still continues on as a leading fraternity at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It is because of them that the Omega Chapter as a whole has rededicated itself to the Chi Phi values and has taken a new approach in regards to our new member education process as well as our expectations of current active brothers.

Early Years


Building the House


Fall 2002