Welcome to the main page of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 renovation to the Omega Chapter House! The Omega Chapter is excited to announce the launch of our capital campaign Building for Our Future, which will aim to give the chapter house a much needed renovation, all while preserving its its historic nature!

Renovation Project Highlights:

Interested in seeing the full details of the renovation?


  • *three-story expansion of the building into the "lower courts" area, along with an additional floor added to the top of the existing rear wing of the house, creating an expanded 2nd floor and a "full" 3rd floor of the house (with bathroom facilities)
  • *11 additional beds, to a new total of 42
  • *renovated 2nd floor bathroom
  • *kitchen remodel and new serving space
  • *mechanical & electrical systems update
  • *dedicated alumni parlor
  • *reinforcement of the Delta Deck to create a new outdoor social space
  • *expanded leadership room
  • *laundry room moved from the Zebra to the 2nd floor
  • *4 story elevator & other ADA compliance measures

Things that are NOT changing:

  • *Front elevation of the house
  • *Spiral staircase
  • *Zebra Lounge
  • Basketball court
  • *Downstairs floorplan
  • *2nd and 3rd floorplans for the front half of the house

If you wish to donate, please use one of the links below. More details will be coming soon, as we enter the "public" phase of our campaign in Fall 2016. Construction is set for December 16, 2018 through August 17, 2019.

Non Tax-Deductible Gifts (below $10,000)

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Tax-Deductible Gifts ($10,000 and up)

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