The Effects of World War I and World War II

The first and second World Wars had a major impact on human life all across the globe. With each passing day, more and more young American men (as well as the young men of every other country involved) gave their lives to the causes their countries were fighting for. While the wars had a devastating effect on the male population across the globe, they also had a relatively significant effect on the Chi Phi Fraternity as a whole. During the wars, most of the active chapters of the Chi Phi Fraternity shut down for various reasons. The Omega Chapter, however, was one of the only chapters to remain fully operational throughout BOTH wars.

Throughout the course of World War I, the Omega Chapter continued to reside within the chapter house, simultaneously running the entirety of the house and sending brothers off to war with each passing day. By the end of the conflict in WWI, 117 Brothers (both actives and Alumni) of this great chapter had fought for the Stars and Stripes, and four had given their lives fighting for their cause.

In World War II, Georgia Tech took over the Omega chapter house while training the campus' male students to fight for the United States. Though the school ultimately maintained control of the house until 1944 (when it released the ownership back to the Omega Chapter), seven brothers remained on campus throughout the entirety of World War II to maintain the upkeep and tradition of the house. These seven brothers continued to hold regular meetings and pledge new members from the students entering Tech's Naval V-12 Program until finally the brotherhood had once again risen to a size large enough that they needed more space. It was at this point, unable to use all of the space provided to them within their own house, that the active brotherhood rented out the former Alpha Tau Omega house as a meeting place. While the number of Omega Brothers that fought in World War II is unknown, the number that gave their lives is placed at 6, and we will always remember them for their bravery and sacrifice in such a desperate time.

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