From our esteemed founding in 1824, the Chi Phi Fraternity is steeped in tradition. Click here to learn more about the history and traditions of our fraternity.


We thrive by contributing to the community around us. Each semester, our chapter strives to reach new goals in terms of our philanthropic involvement. Click here to learn more about our philanthropic outreach.


We learn from and grow off of each other and the wide walks of life our Chapter represents. Our chapter offers one of the most expansive and diverse Brotherhoods on Georgia Tech’s campus. Click here to learn about our members.


Being a Chi Phi doesn’t end when you graduate. On top of our close brotherhood comes an equally close relationship with our alumni. Learn more about our alumni relations, and stay updated with current alumni events, below.


From involvments in other campus organizations, to those running our very own organization, Chi Phi yields plenty of opportunities for leadership growth and development.

About Us

Ever wondered what it would be like to join one of the oldest living secret college fraternities in the country? Or what it would be like to join a brotherhood amongst men? Welcome to the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity. Since 1824, the Chi Phi Fraternity has offered its young men a chance to truly gain the skills necessary to change the world. While oftentimes you only read about and hear about the party side of the Greek life, there is much more to it than that. Throughout your time in the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity, you will learn about our history and our values. You will learn how to live your life as a better man and how to truly be a gentleman and a contributing member to the Georgia Tech campus, the city of Atlanta, and the world as a whole. On top of all of the life lessons you will learn throughout your time here, you will also make friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that will stay with you long after your graduation. On top of all of the life lessons and great stories, the Omega Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity also has something special to offer each of its members. As one of the most diverse Greek organizations on campus, we not only take pride in our various backgrounds, but also the various interests and skills of each of our members. Not to mention the fact that we are one of the two closest houses to Bobby Dodd Stadium, home to Georgia Tech’s football team! Interested in knowing a little bit more about our esteemed and historic organization? Check above for more.